I often have the great fortune to collaborate with many musicians. Many of the collaborations are done remotely through recording improvisations and then editing them into compositions. 
Yutani is a collaboration between Michael Theodore, John Drumheller, Cole Ingaham, and myself. At the time, I was living in Minneapolis and the other three were living in Boulder. The trio recorded an improvisation that included a modular synthesizer, guitar, and custom built software. I was then given hours of music to compile into the album that became Yutani. 
Gunk is a collaboration between Bert Gan (myself) and Sunk (R. Inez). All of the music was improvised live at the Midnight Brigade in Minneapolis and consisted of custom software and 80s synthesizers.
Michael Theodore and I are very consistent collaborators. This album was created from a single recording session at Michael's house and then composed into this album. It takes sounds from around Michael's house to create a space that feels lived in, deep, and optimistic.