Soul Tangler is one of my musical pseudonyms that is influenced by underground and DIY club culture. From B-Movie Horror flicks to soft-core porn, I tend to explore the worlds of trashy films in the albums I release as Soul Tangler. I have performed under Soul Tangler in Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Zagreb, and Belgrade. 
RIPPER is my forthcoming (Out Nov. 30th on AHT) album as Soul Tangler. The album is being sold as an SD-Card release that contains an infinite club. In the club, which is a piece of custom software, a DJ will spin RIPPER, while Mouth Breather dancers get inebriated. The SD-Card comes in a custom 3D printed Mouth Breather bust. 
Soul Tangler - Triple Feature is an homage to watching trashy movies as a double feature. I pulled samples from mainly b-movie horror films and had them interact with underground club music. The album was released in a special 3 cassette tape book.
Dance with the Beast is a deep exploration of a subterranean club fight. It implies a story where two characters, the dancer and the beast, battle each other to the death. To the winner goes the spoils.
In its most basic form, R-U? is a breakup album. It follows the feelings of a post breakup life of loneliness and ecstatic hope for a future that might never come. I wrote the album over the span of two weeks. The image for the album is by Erin Hael.
Get It Up started as video project when I was VJ-ing for a club night in Minneapolis called REAL FUN. I was searching through obscure VHS tapes to find interesting visuals for my set and I stumbled into a batch of movies that were part porn and part horror. I took some of those clips and sampled their audio to create a counterpoint with the techno rhythms I was experimenting with at the time. The result is Get It Up and was released on Disposable Commodities in Portland, Oregon.