Mouth Breather Broadcasting Systems is a experimental television network featuring the Mouth Breathers in three infinite TV shows: Oh, Mouth Breathers!, MBPD:SIU, and Love at the Lake.
What is an Infinite TV Show?
An infinite TV show is where characters are given a single scenario, like catch a murder on the lam, and they improvise new versions of the story forever. To accomplish this very difficult task, I utilize the video game engine Unity. Instead of creating a video game with user input, I make a video game that plays itself. Each character has a custom built artificial intelligence that is trained in theories and practices of dramatic improvisation.
Oh, Mouth Breathers!
Oh, Mouth Breathers! is an infinite TV show that is based on various sitcoms like: Seinfeld, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother. In the show, Alex is getting ready for the first party in his new apartment. Little does he know, Alex’s new, hard-nosed boss Terri has decided to attend the party. Watch as Alex scrambles to get his apartment clean, all while his good friends, annoying neighbors, and love interest distract him from the most important party Alex has ever thrown. Enjoy appearances from various Mouth Breathers: Terri the terrifying boss, Nat the quirky annoying neighbor, Jerri the bad boy, Chris the best friend in the world, Lou the love interest who is uninterested in love, and Charli the smart yet quiet one. Oh, Mouth Breathers! will make you fall in love with sitcoms all over again.
Mouth Breather Police Department: Special Investigation Unit is an infinite TV show in the style of: Law and Order, Blue Bloods, and Chicago PD. There is a serial-killer on the loose in the gritty city of Despair. The only chance the city has to catch the killer are detectives Alex and Chris. Alex has been on the force for years and has nearly lost hope in the good of Mouth Breather kind. Chris has just been promoted to detective and wants to prove himself to the brass and help his fellow Mouth Breathers. They might seem like an implausible pairing, but they are the only hope for the city to find the killer. Watch as Alex and Chris search for clues, talk to witnesses, and bend the rules when necessary. MBPD: SIU will strike you to your core.
Love At The Lake:
Love at the Lake is an infinite made-for-TV-movie in the style of many Lifetime Original Movies. Alex and Chris are finally able to get away from the stress and demands of their normal lives and unfulfilling relationships so they can spend an eternity at their at their favorite spot: The Lake. Alex, who is married to Lou, has been indulging in an affair with Chris, who is a single barista at Mouthbucks. The two have been looking for a way to leave the world behind and give into their love for each other. Watch as they fall in love over and over and over. Their love is truly, the love that will never end… or will it?
A version of all three shows can be downloaded here for Mac OS: MBBS Infinite Shows
Mouth Breather Broadcasting Systems (MBBS) Headquarters:
This project centers around the creation of a television network called, MBBS, which will stream three infinite TV shows called: Oh, Mouth Breathers!, MBPD: SIU, and Love at the Lake. The initial installation of MBBS was located at Understudy in Downtown Denver. It streamed the three shows for a month and invited viewers to engage in the installation space through interactive experiences and events. The Images below are from two installations of MBBS. The first was installed at Understudy in Denver, CO, and the second was installed at the Lakewood Arts Gallery in Lakewood, CO. 
MBBS TV Guide:
The MBBS TV Guide discusses the shows, ideas, philosophies of the project. Below is the full MBBS Guide: