Ryan Wurst is a transmedia artist, who builds worlds that are informed by technology. He tells “infinite stories” that are ambient and circular rather than linear and often finds himself exploring concepts of the absurd, stupidity, and popular culture. His project based art takes form in many mediums like: animation, music, books, code, performance, and video. In addition to his many personal projects, Wurst is an avid organizer and curator who has run galleries, produced many events, and continues to run the record label Always Human Tapes. He has a PhD in Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has an MFA in Experimental and Media Arts from the University of Minnesota, and a BM in music composition from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Wurst consistently performs and shows work nationally and internationally including: Beijing, New York, Zagreb, Belgrade, Minneapolis, and Boulder. Wurst is currently a Professor of Digital Art at Florida SouthWestern State College in Fort Myers, FL.
Contact: rmwurst@gmail.com