Pete Sheridan is the pseudonym that I use when I am making primarily algorithmic or computer music. As Pete, I use custom built software in Max/MSP to generate patterns, which then control drum machines and synthesizers that are primarily used in popular electronic dance music. The algorithms are usually a blend of chaos and repetition, mixed with a lush blend of familiar sounds. Pete often goes a little maximalist.
Augels is my forthcoming as Pete Sheridan. It is being released as an SD-Card, which contains the entire album along with 3D visuals for every track. Augels is a blend of complete nonsense, like a made up written language, and mathematical precision. At times the album is frenetic and anxiety inducing, and at other times it is slow, textured and serene. Auguels is a balance between meaning, knowledge, and gibberish. 
XX_XX is the second half of a split album with Paciens Trine. The tracks in the Pete Sheridan side of the album explore simple algorithms that are repeated and slowly deconstructed. Each track is a holder for a piece of mathematical nonsense.